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About Wiggins Adjustments

A specialized Collection Agency for Consumer and Commercial debt.

  • Wiggins Adjustments Ltd has assisted thousands of clients improve their cash flow by recovering overdue accounts receivable. Our debt management consultants at Wiggins Adjustments Ltd understand that corporate profits depend on the prompt settlement of their unpaid accounts to maintain positive cash flow.
  • We work with businesses of every size and in every industry. Here is a brief overview of some of the industries, both big and small, that we work with: Credit Card Companies, Professional Services (ie. Dentists, Accountants, Lawyers, Engineering firms etc.), Manufacturing & Wholesalers, Oil & Other Utility Companies, Telecommunications, Insurance Brokers, Media & Publishing, Construction, Industrial, & Landscaping, Fashion & Apparel, Medical & Veterinary Services, Online companies, Transportation Companies, Municipalities, and Private Parking Firms, just to name a few.

If you have past due receivables, and you are looking for professional debt recovery solutions, we can help no matter where your business is located In Canada or Internationally, we are your solution!

When Do You Need Wiggins Adjustments Ltd?

Businesses are often reluctant to be firm with their customers that owe them money so a collection agency is a great solution. The likelihood of collection decreases as bills get older and the following chart illustrates when and why you should send a debt to collections.

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