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Consumer & Commercial Collection Services in Winnipeg

To Motivate, To Persuade, To Produce Results! Your Debt Recovery Specialists

At Wiggins Adjustments we have a debt collection service center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ready to assist you with your business receivables management needs. We are a licensed & bonded credit collection agency operating under the Manitoba Consumer Protection Act. We are proud of our 90+ years of history, operating across Canada since 1929. As one of Canada’s top debt recovery companies, we are also members of the American Collectors Association and the Better Business Bureau and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The cost of commercial debt recovery and pressure on company resources is time and money that could be better spent elsewhere for your business. When hiring Wiggins Adjustments as your commercial credit collection agency, we free you from the burden of chasing bad debt. We offer expertise in recovering debt from a company or individuals to settle their past due accounts in a fast and effective manner. Using debt collection software and utilize technology to recover your money, we produce results at twice the speed as industry averages.

Our recovery agents take steps to motivate, persuade, and produce results while maintaining a positive client relations atmosphere to protect future business and your company’s reputation. Our debt recovery consultants are what keeps us as a top rated collection agency locally, Nationally and Internationally. We have a wealth of experience in international debt collection services and are members of the international collections community as a stakeholder in the TCM Group, one of the most trusted names in the field of international debt recovery.

When a file is given to us we get to work on it within the first 24hrs. Making initial contact with the client, sending them a debt collection notice, and working on debt collection leads on clients who may be difficult to locate.

Services We Provide:

  • B2B Debt Recovery
  • Commercial Collections
  • Credit Debt Recovery
  • Debt Collection Letters
  • Debt Collection for Small Amounts
  • Legal Debt Recovery
  • Invoice Collection Service
  • Medical Debt Recovery
  • Dental Debt Recovery
  • Nationwide Collection Agency
  • Online Debt Collection Agency
  • Rent Collection Agency
  • Small Business Debt Collection
  • Small Debt Collection Service
  • Professional Debt Collector
  • Rates Collection Agency
  • International Debt Collection
  • Credit Reporting; Equifax, Transunion
  • Consulting
  • Fast Effective Debt Collection

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our recovery collection services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Call 1-888-376-6611 or 1-866-423-7989