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Consumer & Commercial Collection Services in Montréal

We Speak the Language of Fast, Efficient Debt Recovery!

Montréal Québec is a wonderfully diverse Province with an economic history that has required a unique set of laws and regulations to be developed surrounding debt recovery procedures. Wiggins Adjustments has been working as a nationwide collection agency for almost a century, and we are well versed in Québec’s Act Respecting the Collection Of Certain Debts. We are also members of the American Collectors Association and the Better Business Bureau and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Conduct for all National and International Collections.

At Wiggins Adjustments we invest in our people and have highly trained staff who specialize in conflict resolution, negotiation, and recovering debt on your behalf. Our debt collection officers work hard to retain positive relationships with your clients to protect your reputation and future business.

Our Debt Collection Services Benefits:

  • Efficient Settlement Resolutions
  • Debt Collection Help
  • Free Up Cash Flow
  • Debt Collection Licence
  • Reduction In Write-offs
  • No Collection, No Charge
  • Skip Tracing for Relocated Clients
  • Freedom From High Administration Costs
  • Increased Profits

Services We Provide:

  • B2B Debt Recovery
  • Rent Collection Agency
  • Small Business Debt Collection
  • Small Debt Collection Service
  • Professional Debt CollectorCommercial Collections
  • Credit Debt Recovery
  • Debt Collection Letters
  • Debt Collection for Small Amounts
  • Legal Debt Recovery
  • Invoice Collection Service
  • Medical Debt Recovery
  • Nationwide Collection Agency
  • Online Debt Collection Agency
  • Rates Collection Agency
  • International Debt Collection
  • Effective debt collection

At Wiggins Adjustments we are your go to debt collection firm to assist in legal debt recovery. We have the ability to file and register your judgement in court which allows us to enforce your judgement via property liens, seize of assets, garnishee summons, and forced judicial sale of real estate owned by a debtor. We have debt recovery procedures that produce proven results, and we are here to help you settle even the toughest cases of debt recovery resolution you send our way. Our debt collection team is here to make recovery collection easy and efficient for your business. Freeing up your employees to focus on tasks within their specialties and leaving the debt collection recovery to us and our legal recovery expertise.

At Wiggins Adjustments we start working on your files within the first 24hrs. A debt recovery letter will be mailed and we make every effort to connect immediately with the debtor. You will get updates on a monthly basis and we communicate regularly on the progress we are making on settling your files.

We would be glad to have the opportunity to streamline your debt recovery processes. Call us today to learn more about our business receivables management services in Montréal Québec. Call 1-888-376-6611 or 1-866-423-7989